The Value Examiner®

Value lies at the heart of virtually every consulting discipline. Business reasons such as mergers and acquisitions and succession planning, tax purposes such as estate and gift taxation, and litigious situations such as divorce and economic loss analysis all demand a determination of value. 

The Value Examiner® is an independent, professional development journal dedicated to the exploration of value and its ramifications for consultants. It is the singular source of timely, technical, in-depth articles written for consultants by practitioners and academics at the top of their respective fields. The distinguished authors bring expertise acquired from years of training and experience to bear upon topics both practical and theoretical. 

Each issue of The Value Examiner contains substantive, peer-reviewed articles—the kind you’ll want to archive for future reference—drawn from a spectrum of consulting disciplines: Business Valuation, Forensic Accounting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Fraud Risk Management, Business and Intellectual Property Damages, Healthcare Consulting, Exit Planning, and Practice Development. The kind of articles that will put you—and keep you—ahead of the curve.

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