How Do I Build Upon My Existing Foundation in This Discipline?
Once you are committed to a discipline, meaning you have already certified and are settled in your new pursuit, the challenge becomes where to go from there. Certainly, this involves building your knowledge base and skill-set so that you remain competitive and do not grow stagnant. Focusing your practice in a particular area of specialty is one way to enhance your credibility as a subject matter expert, build your brand and reputation, distinguish you from your peers, and generate higher than average fees. This starts with training and certification (where applicable and available). Specialization in high demand areas can facilitate gaining recognition in the communities you serve. But in the end, everything you do to advance your knowledge and standing can put you in high demand, particularly with attorneys who see you as a more credible expert.

Advancing Your Knowledge in Business Valuation 

Intermediate Business Valuation Training Center
Despite having obtained the CVA credential, many newly designated valuators struggle with how to successfully and profitably complete an engagement. This course was created to advance the proficiencies necessary to obtain our valuation credential, but to also provide more practical skills, covering everything between engagement acceptance to report delivery. This is serious training created for both ambitious new -comers and seasoned practitioners who want to bolster their skills and build a thriving practice.
For detailed information, click here for the Intermediate Business Valuation Training Center on NACVA.com.

Around the Valuation World®
We recognize the challenges you face in finding sufficient time to stay current. The Around the Valuation World® webcast is the next generation method of obtaining the latest updates, news, trends, and activity occurring in the rapidly evolving business valuation and financial forensics profession. To support you, we have assembled a team of industry experts who will be covering the profession's leading publications and delivering in a monthly online webcast all you need to know so that at all times, you can be confident that your knowledge is current and accurate as you navigate "Around the Valuation World!". Monthly webcast attendance is free to NACVA members; CPE is available with an annual subscription.
For detailed information, click here for Around the Valuation World on NACVA.com.

Advanced Valuation: Applications and Models Workshop
The workshop includes an in-depth case study and detailed report which will take you to a new, advanced level of understanding business valuation and provide practical tools, data, and models attendees can use immediately in their practice. Taught by a team of nationally recognized valuation analysts, the instructors collaborate with attendees to share the most effective valuation procedures and real-world applications in the field of financial valuation.
For detailed information, click here for the Advanced Valuation: Applications and Models Workshop on NACVA.com.  

Discounts for Lack of Marketability Workshop
The calculation of discounts for lack of marketability (DLOM) can be a complex, confusing task. In this workshop, we will help attendees simplify the process and increase confidence in performing their calculations by exploring the studies, databases, models, and methods used in the DLOM process. The workshop will cover an examination of legacy restricted stock benchmark, pre-IPO studies, and several well-known databases, including: FMV Opinions detailed restricted stock database, Pluris detailed restricted stock database, and Valuation Advisors detailed pre-IPO database, and inspect analytical methods.
For detailed information, click here for the Discounts for Lack of Marketability Workshop on NACVA.com.

Valuing Family Limited Partnerships

The valuation of family limited partnerships (FLPs) has become an increasingly popular estate planning tool.  Understanding the current methodologies and resources relating to the valuation of FLPs and similarly organized asset-holding companies forms a solid foundation for these types of valuation engagements. We offer training in our Valuing Family Limited Partnerships Live Workshop and we have a substantive library of FLP related on-demand webinars.


Specializing in Business Valuation

Business Valuation Specialty Webinars On-Demand

Business valuation analysts can specialize in many dozens of industries and a myriad of areas of service. We have over 700 webinars in our library available on-demand, 24/7, to get you started on the right path with just about every topic you could imagine. To view the library click here. 

Advancing Through Litigation Consulting


Due to increased financial litigation and our litigious society, financial crimes and schemes everywhere you look, and regulatory issues cluttering the landscape, the demand for financial forensics is soaring. To arm financial consultants with the foundation and credibility to thrive in this area, NACVA offers the Master Analyst in Financial Forensics® (MAFF®) training and certification. For further support, we have 100+ hours of substantive training available in live webinars and CPE On-Demand in all the relevant high demand areas of specialty in the field of financial forensics. We also have the nation’s best training in expert witnessing and litigation report writing.


Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF)

The MAFF is a statement that when it comes to financial forensics, credential holders are the “Masters” of the field. It sets you apart from other practitioners in the field as someone who has aspired to the highest level of achievement. To learn more about the MAFF click here.


Foundations of Financial Forensics Workshop
The Foundations of Financial Forensics Workshop provides attendees with an understanding of the professional responsibilities and legal underpinnings necessary to provide credible financial forensics services. The training is coupled with an overview of the specialty areas most commonly encountered in the financial forensics realm. The nationally recognized and seasoned experts who teach the program dive into the methodologies and approaches for calculating damages of all kinds, financial investigative and forensic accounting techniques, skills development for communicating with judges, attorneys, and juries, and practice building strategies that are being employed by both successful and emerging leaders in the field. Training and certification in this field will greatly propel CPAs and other financial experts building their practice in this rapidly growing and high demand consulting niche. The workshop teaches to the world’s most comprehensive body of knowledge for financial forensics and prepares attendees to pass the Master Analyst in Financial Forensics exam, and thus, obtain their MAFF credential. Available live or via online webinar series.
 For detailed information and to register, click here for the Foundations of Financial Forensics Workshop on NACVA.com. 

Expert Testimony

Learn the art of delivering expert testimony and how to withstand grueling cross-examination by attending our live seminar: Expert Witness Bootcamp. You can also view the following webinars in our CPE On-Demand library:

·        Expert Depositions and Testimony

·        Experts Sabotaging Themselves in Court—The Judges Tell All

·        Experts, Mediation, and Confidentiality—How to Avoid Mistakes

·        How to Survive a Motion to Exclude Your Expert Testimony; Preparing Your Retaining Counsel

·        Sizzle on the Stand—Delivery of Powerful Testimony Under Direct and Cross Examination

·        The Expert Witness: The Rogue, The Bad, and The Ugly

·        Who Wants to be an Expert? Expert Preparation for the Expert Deposition


Specializing in Litigation Consulting


Financial Litigation Specialty Webinars Live and On-Demand

Our nationally recognized and seasoned team of experts deliver training specific to the methodologies and approaches for determining and calculating damages, financial investigative and forensic accounting techniques, and skills development for communicating with judges, attorneys, and juries. These courses also incorporate practice building strategies being employed by successful and emerging financial forensic professionals. Courses include:


·        Commercial Damages and Lost Profits

·        Matrimonial Litigation

·        Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and Restructuring

·        Business Valuation in Litigation

·        Business and Intellectual Property Damages

·        Forensic Accounting

·        Fraud Risk Management

·        Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Other Consulting Specialties 

Today’s financial consultants are faced with a myriad of opportunities as they strive to meet the demands of their clients. Training in key consulting specialties is available through specialty conferences, live workshops, and webinars on-demand.


·        Build A Thriving Business Consulting Practice—The CoreValue® Bootcamp

·        Forensic Accounting Academy®

·        Transaction Advisory Services Workshop

·        Advanced Mergers and Acquisitions Workshop

·        Exit Planning Webinars On-Demand

·        Healthcare Consulting Webinars On-Demand

·        Mergers and Acquisitions Webinars On-Demand

·        Specialty Themed Live Webinar Weeks

·        Customized and in-house training is also available. Contact NACVA’s Chief Operations Officer/Executive Vice President at (800) 677-2009 to inquire.