I Need Specialized Education.

All specializations start with training, and we have it all when it comes to business valuation and financial forensics and its related subcategories, including litigation consulting, expert witnessing, fraud, matrimonial, damages, insolvency, intellectual property, and forensic accounting. We also have extensive training in mergers and acquisitions, exit planning, and healthcare consulting. To support our professionals’ desire to distinguish and market themselves, we have multiple certifications one can obtain in different areas of specialization.

Live Training

Business Valuation Training available through NACVA.com.

Financial Forensics/Litigation Consulting Training available through NACVA.com.

Consulting Specialties Training available through NACVA.com.

Regional Specialty Conferences


Live webinars available through NACVA.com.

Online library of more than 400 recorded webinars available through CPE On-Demand.


Self-study training available from NACVA.com.