I Have Some Things I Need to Bounce Off Someone.

Mentors come in all shapes and sizes, but usually boil down to finding someone who can help with a particular need. And those needs can be quite diverse, ranging from finding help with a technical issue related to theory, or help with reports, standards, software usage, research, or it can be as all inclusive as finding a group of people with whom to affiliate. Sometimes, you may find you need on-the-spot training to finish a report or to prepare for a meeting with a prospective client.

Mentor Support

Mentor Support Group

Have a quick question? Need a quick answer? Ask an expert!
Resources for finding, choosing, and working with mentors for expanded and in-depth support.
or more information on the Mentor Support Group contact NACVA's Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009.

Subcontracting Opportunities for NACVA

Credentialed members of NACVA wishing to gain experience in business valuation, litigation, or the financial forensics area without jumping right into a full engagement can “get their feet wet” by subcontracting their support to other credentialed members of NACVA who are in need of staff-level support.
View more information on the Subcontracting Opportunities.

NACVA Boards

Powerful social and professional bonds made through advancing the goals and objectives of the Association. The NACVA Boards consist of those individuals elected by the membership or assigned by the Executive Advisory Board and designated the responsibility to oversee areas of activity deemed critical to the integrity and credibility of the Association.

Particularly, this includes membership qualification, quality of education, and certification criteria. Their purview includes the formation and recommendation of policy to govern the Association's affairs. In carrying out these responsibilities, the Executive Advisory Board assists and oversees the activities of Boards.
View the NACVA Boards here.

Association Support

State Chapters

A vital resource for networking and education at the local level.
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NACVA Headquarters Staff

A team of professionals dedicated to assist you.
See NACVA Headquarters Directory here.

NACVA Member Directory

A full listing of all NACVA members with contact details as provided, and searchable by several criteria.
View the Member Directory on

Valuation Data and Research


KeyValueData, the leader in business valuation data and research, provides Internet-based access to the most essential valuation resources—all available in convenient and cost-efficient annual subscription packages.
Visit the KeyValueData website here.

Software and Databases

Software Tech Support

Support and training videos for the business valuation tools built on the Microsoft Excel Platform.
For software tech support visit the ValuSource website here.


Case Analysis in Person (CAP) or by Webinar (CAW)

Collaborate with valuation professionals to peer review the strengths and weaknesses of valuation reports.
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Social Networking

Social Networking

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