I Have Some Things I Need to Bounce Off Someone.
Mentors come in all shapes and sizes, but usually boil down to finding someone who can help with a particular need. And those needs can be quite diverse, ranging from finding help with a technical issue related to theory, or help with reports, standards, software usage, research, or it can be as all-inclusive as finding a group of people with whom to affiliate. Sometimes, you may find you need on-the-spot training to finish a report or to prepare for a meeting with a prospective client. 

Mentor Support

Mentor Support Group
Have a quick question? Need a quick answer? Ask an expert!
Resources for finding, choosing, and working with mentors for expanded and in-depth support. For more information on the Mentor Support Group contact NACVA's Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009.

Consultants’ Training Institute Faculty
The Consultants’ Training Institute® (CTI®) Faculty is comprised of the nation’s leading experts in the fields of business valuation, litigation consulting, financial forensics, and a variety of other business consulting disciplines.
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NACVA Boards
The NACVA Boards consist of those individuals elected by the membership or assigned by the Executive Advisory Board and designated the responsibility to oversee areas of activity deemed critical to the integrity and credibility of the Association. Particular interest from members for support comes from our Standards Board when questions arise pertaining to standards applications. You can reach out to the Chair of the board or any board members if the Chair is not available.
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Online CVA Case Study Clinic
Candidates have access to the free Online CVA Case Study Report Writing Clinic—a live, online webinar clinic with step-by-step instructions and mentoring to assist with the successful submission of the Case Study report. This instructor-led training is interactive with attendees, reinforcing the education received during your BV Certification Training Center, and provides an opportunity to ask questions and resolve challenges you may be facing in the completion of your Case Study report.
For detailed information, click here for the Online CVA Case study Report Writing Clinic on or call Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009.

CVA Case Study Mentors
NACVA credentialed members, typically also Case Study graders, are available to assist candidates with questions and challenges that arise in preparing their Case Study for submission.
Request a Case Study Mentor here, or contact NACVA Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009.

Association Support

State Chapters
A vital resource for networking and education at the local level.
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NACVA Headquarters Staff
A team of professionals dedicated to assist you.
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NACVA Member Directory
A full listing of all NACVA members with contact details, and searchable by several criteria. 
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Social Networking
The world's best thinkers, ideas, and information shared online. Get connected! 
NACVA on Twitter
NACVA on LinkedIn
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NACVA Alliances and Partners
A listing NACVA’s strategic alliances within the accounting, legal, academic, regulatory, and business communities to support you. 
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Valuation Data and Research

KeyValueData, the leader in business valuation data and research, provides Internet-based access to the most essential valuation resources—all available in convenient and cost-efficient annual subscription packages.
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Software Mentors
Credentialed members who can assist with the use and operation of NACVA's various software tools are available through ValuSource, the company that creates our software. For more information and to connect with a Software Mentor contact ValuSource at (719) 548-4900.

Software Tech Support
Extended Support relating to matters of a technical nature directly concerning the application and functionality of NACVA's software is available from ValuSource.
For software tech support visit the ValuSource website here.

Training and Resources

CPE On-Demand Webinars
An online library of more than 700 recorded webinars. This is a very convenient and easily accessible way to obtain the highest quality Continuing Professional Education (CPE) on hundreds of topics anytime you want or need. It is also extremely affordable when purchased as an annual subscription.
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Valuation Reports Library
The Valuation Reports Library contains sanitized valuation reports. These reports provide perspective on particular types of valuation reports, ideas on ways to handle certain types of information, possible resources, sample wording, etc. Valuation Reports are written by credentialed valuators, and typically have been reviewed numerous times through our Case Analysis by Webinar (or in Person) Program with the best reports being selected for our library. Access to thousands of dollars’ worth of valuation reports is included with a KeyValueData Silver level subscription package for only $395/annual subscription fee.
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