How Do I Build Upon My Existing Foundation in This Discipline?

Once you are committed to a discipline, meaning you have already certified and are settled in your new pursuit, the challenge becomes where to go from there. Certainly, this involves building your knowledge base and skill-set so that you remain competitive and do not grow stagnant. And though training is important, there are other measures and paths that could, and even should, be taken. Teaching or presenting is one path we encourage. Just about every one of our instructors will tell you the reason they teach, besides loving it, is that it helps keep them sharp and at the top of their game.

Marketing/Practice Management

Marketing Resources

A collection of tools and resources designed to help you articulate and communicate the services you offer to the people who are most likely to want or need them.  
View the Marketing Resources here.

Marketing Services from Hinge

NACVA is pleased to announce a partnership with Hinge to provide members with a wide range of marketing services that can help you increase referrals and grow your practice. 

Practice Builder Academy

NACVA has enlisted Practice Builder Academy to assist members with developing the marketing and positioning skills needed to get the work.
View more information on the Practice Builder Academy here.

Practice Management Webinars

Techniques and strategies to strengthen your practice.
Learn more about the Practice Management Webinars here


Business Valuation Reports Library

This growing library catalogs reports submitted for review by participants in one of NACVA's Case Analysis Roundtables. 
Learn more about the Business Valuation Reports Library here

NACVA Member Directory

A full listing of all NACVA members with contact details as provided, and searchable by several criteria. 
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FA/IM© (Forensic Accounting/Investigation Methodology©) Process Map

A comprehensive "Body of Knowledge" that contains about 250-300 specific forensic accounting/financial forensics tools and techniques from the Financial Forensics Academy™.
Learn About the Process Map here.

Wiley Bookstore

NACVA members are entitled to a 30% discount on all books in the Wiley bookstore, plus free shipping, and earn double Pacesetter Awards®
Visit the Wiley Bookstore website here.

Live Training and Webinars

Consultants' Training Institute™

Benchmark training and certification available in the accounting and financial consulting profession's hottest growth niches. 
Visit the Consultants' Training Institute website here.

Financial Forensics Webinars

Created for ambitious up-and-comers and even seasoned practitioners who want to bolster their skills to create a thriving financial forensic practice.
Learn more about the Financial Forensics Webinars here.

Expert Witness Bootcamp

Develop and enhance your skills as an expert witness or consulting expert in litigation.
Each Expert Witness Bootcamp attendee will participate as a testifying and consulting expert in a trial involving financial testimony. Attendees will learn the art of delivering effective testimony and how to withstand grueling cross examination. As consulting experts, program attendees will learn how to dissect and critique the reports and opinions of the testifying experts and how to prepare counsel for the expert segments of trial. Each attendee will be coached and guided by members of our faculty of seasoned experts and trial attorneys. The Bootcamp culminates in a courtroom setting during which each program attendee, as a testifying expert, presents and defends his or her own expert opinions on the witness stand. 
Learn more about the Expert Witness Bootcamp here.


Mentor Support Group

Have a quick question? Need a quick answer? Ask an expert!
Resources for finding, choosing, and working with mentors for expanded and in-depth support.
View more information on the Mentor Support Group.

NACVA Boards

The NACVA Boards consist of those individuals elected by the membership or assigned by the Executive Advisory Board and designated the responsibility to oversee areas of activity deemed critical to the integrity and credibility of the Association. Particularly, this includes membership qualification, quality of education, and certification criteria. Their purview includes the formation and recommendation of policy to govern the Association’s affairs. In carrying out these responsibilities, the Executive Advisory Board assists and oversees the activities of Boards. A Board member’s term as prescribed in NACVA’s Bylaws is for three years.
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Training Faculty

Preeminent industry masters and emerging leaders who lead intellectually stimulating courses offering real-world solutions to evolve your business valuation or financial forensic practice.
Contact for more information here.

Association Involvement

NACVA Support Group Application for Specialized Groups/Teams and Committees

As you might imagine, there are many ways members can be involved in NACVA. If you are interested in taking part in our growth and development, or merely obtaining qualified referral services from Headquarters (HQ), simply complete the Application. We depend on the participation of members like you for growth in and expansion of services and benefits to our members. 
View the Support Group Application on here..

Annual Consultants' Conference

The SuperConference of the business valuation and financial forensic profession. Simply the best and the only conference you should attend! 
View the Annual Consultants' Conference website here.

Subcontracting Opportunities for NACVA

Opportunities for members to contract with NACVA on a variety of projects.
View more information on the Subcontracting Opportunities.

Social Networking

The world's best thinkers, ideas, and information shared online. Get connected!
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QuickRead Editorial Team

Opportunity to contribute to the primary source for current news and information highlights in areas of interest to the financial forensics consultant. 
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National Litigation Consultants' Review  (NLCR)

A publication of information, guidance, and resources from the nation's leading financial forensics experts.
Learn more about the National Litigation Consultants' Review here.

The Value Examiner®

The Value Examiner® is an independent, professional development journal dedicated to the exploration of value and its ramifications for consultants. It is the singular source of timely, technical, in-depth articles written for consultants by practitioners and academics at the top of their respective fields. The distinguished authors bring expertise acquired from years of training and experience to bear upon topics both practical and theoretical.

Each issue of The Value Examiner contains substantive, peer-reviewed articles—the kind you'll want to archive for future reference—drawn from a spectrum of consulting disciplines: Business Valuation, Forensic Accounting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Fraud Risk Management, Business and Intellectual Property Damages, Healthcare Consulting, Exit Planning, and Practice Development. The kind of articles that will put you—and keep you—ahead of the curve.
Learn more about the The Value Examiner ® Publication here.