I Need Help with My Reports.

No matter what specialized service you provide, it usually comes down to the presentation of a report. This is where the “rubber meets the road,” so to speak, and knowing that you have done an excellent job will certainly give you peace of mind, but more importantly, impress upon your client that you are a true professional. This is a reachable goal, and NACVA has the programs and people in place to assure that every report submitted by every member is a great report.


Business Valuation Reports Library

This growing library catalogs reports submitted for review by participants in one of NACVA's Case Analysis Roundtables.
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Case Law—Legal

Valuation Court Cases—Legal Decisions Involving Valuation Issues
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BV Standards Resource Tools

Whether you do one valuation a year or 100, if you're a CPA or a non-CPA working for a CPA firm, you must comply with the AICPA Standards for Valuation Services No. 1 (SSVS) effective January 1, 2008. NACVA has provided free BV Standards Resource Tools—all of which will help guide you through the intricacies of the new regulations, demonstrate how they affect you and your practice, and show you how to ensure your engagements are consistent with the regulations. The BV Standards Resource Tools include the following items: NACVA Professional Standards, Business Valuation Development Checklist—PDF, Business Valuation Development Checklist—MS Word Document, Business Valuation Reporting Checklist for Detailed Reports—PDF, Business Valuation Reporting Checklist for Detailed Reports updated—MS Word Document, AICPA SSVS No. 1—Link to PDF on AICPA Website, Sample Calculation Engagement Letter, and Sample Valuation Engagement Letter.
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Wiley Bookstore

NACVA members are entitled to a 30% discount on all books in the Wiley bookstore, plus free shipping, and earn double Pacesetter Awards®.

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Software and Databases


KeyValueData, the leader in business valuation data and research, provides Internet-based access to the most essential valuation resources—all available in convenient and cost-efficient annual subscription packages.
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Business Valuation Report Writer™

The Business Valuation Report Writer will save you 50% of the time it takes to prepare and review written business valuation reports. The report writer comes with a SSVS, USPAP, and 59-60 reports for both Express Business Valuation and ValuSource Pro. However you do not need to use a ValuSource valuation application to use the Business Valuation Report Writer, it works with all your Excel and Word files.
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Databases and Tools

The must-have databases to save you time in conjunction with BVM Pro, EBV or stand-alone.
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Software Tech Support

Support and training videos for the business valuation tools built on the Microsoft Excel Platform.
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Live Training

Case Analysis in Person (CAP) or by Webinar (CAW)

Collaborate with valuation professionals to peer review the strengths and weaknesses of valuation reports.
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Report Writing: Review and Analysis Workshop

Comprehensive and interactive training geared towards effectively presenting information, data, and valuation results in written form.
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Industry Standards and Ethics

Recent developments within the professional organizations are moving toward the harmonization of industry standards. Senior representatives from the valuation industry will discuss the standards impacting the profession, including NACVA, IBA, ASA, AICPA, and USPAP.
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Mentor Support Group

Have a quick question? Need a quick answer? Ask an expert!
Resources for finding, choosing, and working with mentors for expanded and in-depth support.
For more information on the Mentor Support Group contact NACVA's Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009.