Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline

The Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline Team is comprised of highly experienced and credentialed members of NACVA–Moderators, who are either currently serving, or have served in the past, on NACVA’s Standards Board (SDB) and/or Ethics Oversight Board (EOB). Generally, they should be able to answer 90+% of the questions NACVA members might pose and on the 10-% for which they do not have answers, you can expect intelligent advice that will steer you down the right path. Questions and answers are documented in writing and sent to the entire SDB for modification and/or approval, prior to being placed in our Standards and Ethics FAQ library to serve as a growing reference source for answers to questions for our entire membership. Your name will not appear in the Standards and Ethics FAQ library. 

Our Moderators are kept anonymous because their council and advice is not infallible but based on the Moderator’s education, experience, and judgement. Where the Moderators answer is modified when put to the entire SDB, the Member will be notified of such changes.

In rare occurrences you may want to engage a Moderator for expanded consultation or for assistance with your project. It is the Moderator’s decision to take on this expanded role, and thereby reveal his/her identity and non-NACVA contact information. In these instances, we encourage the two of you sign an engagement letter that clearly shows NACVA is not part of such arrangement.

Below are five links: 

One–a form to submit your question(s) which will be directed to a Standards and Ethics Q&A Hotline Moderator. 

Standards and Ethics Question Submittal Form

Two–is a form for you to submit an evaluation of the Moderator’s support provided.

Moderator Evaluation Form

–is to NACVA’s growing Standards and Ethics FAQ library where you can find answers/responses to questions previously asked, and maybe even the answer to your question. 

Standards and Ethics FAQ Library

–is a disclaimer stating that neither NACVA nor the Moderator has any responsibility for the advice given should you rely on it and it is adjudicated to be incorrect, partially correct, incomplete, inadequate, a misinterpretation, or in any way faulty. Furthermore, you agree not to draw NACVA, the SDB, the EOB, or the Moderator into any litigation where Moderator’s answers/advice was relied upon. 


–is an application if you are interested in being on this Team. Having previously served on NACVA’s Standards Board or Ethics Oversight Board is a prerequisite.

Standards and Ethics Q&A Moderator Application