Practice Builder Academy

In a recent BVFLS survey, 87% of respondents said that “bringing in new clients” was a somewhat or extremely important issue for practitioners. Thus, NACVA has enlisted Practice Builder Academy (PBA) to assist members with developing the marketing and positioning skills needed to get the work

Simply put, PBA delivers real solutions to real issues in real time. The solutions are the strategies and tactics that Mel Abraham and Rod Burkert have used to build national practices. These are not academic, ivory-tower marketing-isms. They are real-world, road-tested strategies that work in today’s digitally connected economy. And when layered together and practiced consistently and persistently, the strategies will help you build your practice and re-design your life. 

The marketing and positioning skills PBA covers are woven into topics like websites, social media, writing, speaking, and networking—to name a few—and all complimented by subject matter experts who deliver their own points of view. PBA has combined all of this content into a 12-month training program that other NACVA members have benefitted from.

Whether you’re practicing solo or in a firm, PBA’s training program will teach you how to attract the clients you want (and deserve). 

To find out more, visit Practice Builder Academy.  

And about those people who have already benefitted from the program? Here’s what two of them had to say. 

The classes are what I have hoped for in regards to providing me with the information in getting my practice started.
Michael Pelkey, CPA, CGMA, CVA, MAFF, CEPA, CFE, Stonehenge Consulting, PLC, Byron Center, MI 

I want to express my gratitude to Rod and Mel for teaching your program the way you do. You have certainly gone beyond my wildest expectations. The value you provide with PBA is huge. If there is ever a potential student who would like to talk with someone who took your class, feel free to give him or her my number.
Paul Hajek, MBA, CVA, CEPA, CVB, CFBA, LPBC, Synergy Business Development, LLC, Spokane, WA